South Surrey Bakery: Sweet Stuff

Sweet Treats

In addition to our artisan breads, Fieldstone also has an extensive range of sweets. Favourites include fruit frangipan tarts, rustic gallettes, delicious quiches, elegant special occasion cakes and of course our ever popular raspberry and white chocolate scones.

Fieldstone Artisan Breads is proud to be a trans-fat free bakery. In addition, we do not use treated or bleached flours, emulsifiers, dough improvers, shortening, margarine or other hydrogenated fats, genetically modified ingredients, peanuts, prepared doughs, mixes, preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring.  Click on any image for a larger view!

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Fieldstone Artisan Breads: 12823 Crescent Rd, South Surrey, BC, V4P 1J6 (Unit 2 Downstairs)
Phone: (604) 531-7880


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