Surrey Bakery

A fine loaf of bread is no greater than the sum of its parts. At Fieldstone Artisan Breads those parts include the ingredients, and the people who make the bread.

Fieldstone Artisan Breads contain only the finest natural ingredients including Certified Organic flours, filtered water and sea salt.

Using traditional, time-honoured methods, we gently hand shape our loaves, maintaining superior texture and uniqueness of shape.

And, to instill the artisan method of baking truly unique and flavourful breads, our breads are baked in a French stone-hearth oven.


Fieldstone Artisan Breads in the Media

Stollen is like a good wine; the more you let it age, the better it tastes. A traditional German cake similar in taste and texture to fruitcake, stollen is consumed during the Christmas season. It contains a variety of d ried and candied fruit with a special bit of marzipan in the middle and is covered in icing sugar. Read more...
White Rock baker Paul Hanley (pictured above), from Fieldstone Artisan Breads enjoys baking with lavender, as it reminds him of happy times in France. When serving a dish with leeks, he always uses savory to liven the bread, as it pairs perfectly. Read more...

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