South Surrey Bakery: Pan de Mie Bread

Fieldstone creates a variety of softer breads made with fresh yeast.
The addition of fresh baker’s yeast results in airier textures, milder flavours and softer crusts. 

Classic White: Fieldstone’s version of “white bread”. This loaf is all interior with a thin and soft crust.

Classic Wheat: A whole-grain 100% certified organic bread with a soft, moist interior.

Muesli Grain: A heavier, high fibre version of the classic wheat.

Challah:- A traditional Jewish braided egg bread.

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Fieldstone Artisan Breads: 12823 Crescent Rd, South Surrey, BC, V4P 1J6 (Unit 2 Downstairs)
Phone: (604) 531-7880


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