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Fieldstone’s Country Breads are robust French-style breads with the flavour of wheat and a light, pleasant tingling of natural sourdough. Our country breads are naturally leavened. This means that a bit of dough high in naturally occurring active yeast is saved from one batch to the next to act as a leavening agent. A low percentage of organic white (containing both the grain and germ of the wheat) is added to an organic flour that is nearly 100% whole-grain. Country bread comes in a myriad of delicious flavour varieties. Through the year, our selection is influenced and inspired by the fresh, exciting flavours of organic local seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs lovingly harvested by hand at Hazelmere organic farms.  Some of the many varieties of Country breads that we make include:

French Country
Miller's Grain Country
Pumpkin Seed Country
Wild Mushroom & Chaumes Cheese Country
Cranberry & Currant Country
Apricot & Pecan Country
Flaxseed Country
French Rye Country
Oven Roasted Tomato & Basil Country
Calamata Olive & Roasted Red Pepper Country
Roasted Garlic Country

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